Dearest Victim,
Don't mind me these days..
21:15 my final thought before making most decisions: fuck it
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In my opinion.. I think collarbones are hot. But that’s just me and I love the fact that mine says “hi” sometimes.
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♡ barbara palvin ♡
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How could someone not reblog this oh my gosh


Ghosts - Watching You Go by
22:22"1. Learn to know them. Watch their facial expressions, watch the way their body twists and bends. Notice the freckles along their noses, their arms, their back. Listen to their laughter, listen to the way their voice cracks when they’re upset. Find their weakness, their broken points, their darkness. Find their light. Find the things unique to them. Ask them about their childhood, ask them about their favorite place to read, ask them what their last words would be if they could choose. Know them.

2. Let these things blossom beneath their skin like flowers, like bruises, so every time you see them, it will be a reminder. Let those bruises shine like moons in every phase and the smaller things shine like stars. They are your night sky, and you are the astronomer.

3. Show them the constellations you have found and let them find a glowing world beneath their skin. Ask them to read you their favorite poem or sing you their favorite song. Learn to love their passion for whatever it is they enjoy. Learn to love their shooting stars." — Kelsey Danielle, “How to Love Someone” (via chaoswithinus)

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i want perfect boobs more than anything
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sweatpants is all that fits me right now